Vitrectomy Recovery Equipment Rental

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Vitrectomy is a relatively painless procedure. The recovery can be challenging but proper positioning can alleviate distress and increase your chances of healing successfully.

GotYourBack is the premier choice for your Vitrectomy needs. We have successfully assisted patients with recovery for over 15 years. Our patented equipment adjust 
to comfortably fit all body types and we offer flexible package options that make it easier to meed your individual needs. We have an RN on staff and will work closely with you and your caregiver to ensure your comfort and help you begin a successful recovery.

Vitrectomy Mattress Support
Vitrectomy Mattress Support
he Mattress Support includes the Nirvana Mate Mattress Cushion and Face Support.  Designed to allow proper positioning during sleep, the Nirvana Mate alleviates tension on your spine and includes a breast cut out with insert to allow women and men to be comfortable during rest.  The Face Support easily fits between your mattress and box spring to comfortably support the face.  The Support Support can also be used at a kitchen table or deskfor eating or working

Vitrectomy Seated Support
The Seated Support is ergonomically designed to take pressure off your spine and provide optimal face down positioning for reading, writing or watching television. The seated support is fully adjustable and portable so you can have facedown seating in every room.

Vitrectomy Table

The Vitrectomy Table provides an option for rest or sleep outside of the bedrrom and is designed for total comfort for men and women during face down positioning

Vitrectomy Tri-Pad Pillow

The Vitrectomy Face Cushion is designed for use with glasses and to accommodate any surgical dressing.  The face cushion adjusts for comfortable positioning and can be used on seated and mattress supports.  It is an ideal way to assist the healing process, asleep or awake.

Included in every rental

Vitrectomy 2 Way Mirror
The Vitrectomy Mirror increases the number of normal seated activity possibilities while maintaining proper face down positioning. Visit with freinds, watch television, work on your computer or enjoy a panoramic view while resting. Included in every rental