Advanced Myofascial Techniques for Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Sports Massage Set

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Presented by NCBTMB-approved provider and Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Institute® faculty member Til Luchau and the faculty, these programs include edited recordings of actual live trainings. Viewing the DVDs along with the accompanying 40+ page photo-rich manuals is an information packed, easy-to-follow way to learn new techniques or to review a course.

The 5-Program DVD series gives practicing manual and massage therapists unique, interesting and fresh approaches that will increase effectiveness, inspire innovation and lead to increased client satisfaction and covers these areas of the body:

1. Neck Jaw and Head (DVD-AMT-N)

2. Spine and Lower Back (DVD-AMT-S)

3. Arm Wrist and Shoulder (DVD-AMT-A)

4. Legs Knees and Feel (DVD-AMT-L)

5. Pelvis Hip and Sacrum (DVD-AMT-P)

What You’ll Learn in each Program:

NECK, JAW and HEAD, Parts 1 & 2
Improve your skills for working with neck pain, facet fixations, whiplash, migraines, jaw issues, and more.
SPINE and LOWER BACK. Parts 1 & 2
Improve your skills for relieving chronic back pain and spinal fixations, easing diaphragm and rib issues, increasing spine mobility, and more.

ARM, WRIST and SHOULDER, Parts 1 & 2
Improve your ability to work with rotator cuff and shoulder issues including carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, and more.

LEGS, KNEES and FEET, Parts 1 & 2
Improve your ability to work with hamstring injuries, knee and ankle issues, hammertoes, Morton’s Neuroma, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and more.
PELVIS, HIP and SACRUM, Parts 1 & 2
Improve your ability to work with hip, back, and thigh pain, sacroiliac issues, sciatica, and more.

Program and pricing details:

Each DVD program contains 2 disks and includes manual. Run time 2+ hours

Purchase DVDs separately or as a 5-DVD (10-disk) set with 5 manuals. Total run time 12+ hours (DVD-AMT-SET)

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