Hands Free Thai: The Commoner Style

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Learn how to save your hands and work safely on clients of any size. Add new life to your bodywork career with Chuck’s hands-saving techniques including over 100 asana variations.
This DVD provides in-depth instruction of the techniques of HandsFree Thai™. This effective technique, created by Chuck Duff, allows the practitioner to work on large or heavily muscled clients in a way that is highly beneficial for both the client and the practitioner. Commoner or rural style (Nuad Chaleisak) techniques allow the therapist to provide broad, deep pressure using feet, knees, shins and highly efficient body mechanics, avoiding stress on the hands or shoulders. Over 100 asana variations are taught as a 2-hour treatment sequence employing all treatment attitudes. Run time: 132 minutes
Since 2001, Chuck Duff has trained hundreds of basic and advanced practitioners in Thai Bodywork and Massage. Chuck produced this Thai Bodywork DVD series based on his work developing and teaching Clinical Thai Bodywork, (CTB) a modality he created that blends the techniques of Thai yoga massage with the insights of Myofascial Trigger Point, acupoint work and a structural analysis of body function. This therapeutic modality (CTB) is highly effective in reducing or eliminating patterns of pain and restriction, often in cases that have failed conventional medical treatment.

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