Herbal Booties

Price: $30.00
Our Herbal Slipper Pack is designed to warm and soothe aching feet while you relax in comfort. Use our Herbal Slippers to help 'warm up' during the cold winter months or to help with circulation problems that leave you with perpetually cold feet. Our Herbal Slippers can also relieve symptoms of arthritis, joint stiffness and other types of inflammation. Each slipper has a removable outer shell for easy cleaning. One size fits all.
All of our herbal packs are made from 100% pure flax seed and an assortment of 12 different natural herbs. These herbs provide a soothing scent that will last for years.
If you are giving these Herbal Slippers as a gift, you will be happy to know that we have such a wide variety of patterns and colors that you are practically guaranteed not to give the same design each time. We know you will love them!
The Herbal Slipper Pack Herbal Pack weighs 2 lbs. Manufactured by Hot Headz of America,LLC

• Instant soothing warmth for your feet.
• Relief from aches and pains.
• Natural Aromatherapy.

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