Your Amazing Psoas - Accessing the Psoas in Side-Lying Position: A Myofascial Application - April 4, 2020 - 8 CEU

Price: $195.00
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Instructor: Pamela West, LMT, M.Ed.
Date: April 4, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Location: gotyourback
Cost: $195
CE Hours: 8

Course Description:

In general, the Psoas is not known or understood by the general public. They have some understanding of ‘core’ and that ‘core’ is important, but don’t really know how to engage its component parts and how they work together, especially as they relate to their body issues or performance. For that matter, do we ourselves have a good, clear grasp of the Psoas? Lets find out!

  • Anatomical review of the psoas with partnering bone and myofascia tissues.
  • Help your client feel where their psoas is and how it moves.
  • Experiential explorations to understand the psoas and translate the session to the client.
  • Evaluating variations in alignment to determine how the psoas is engaged.
  • Demonstration of working with the psoas in the side-lying position.
  • Plenty of class time to practiced and exchange with a partner student.
  • Considerations as to the psoas relationship to your client’s symptoms.
  • Alternatives to direct psoas work.

What to bring:
1 set of sheets
Bring/wear a tank top and shorts or swimsuit
We suggest dressing in layers so you can acclimate yourself to the work and the environment

About your Instructor:
Pamela West, M.Ed. maintains private practices as a body therapist in both Philadelphia, since 1983, and Doylestown, since 1997.  She earned a Masters in dance from Temple University.  Pamela is certified in Body Education and holds a certificate of Personal Enrichment in the Alexander Technique through The Alexander Foundation.  She has over thirty years’ experience in movement studies.  This background in movement supports her myofascial practice as she works with clients’ structural, movement and tensional patterns.  She has taught structural myofascial work at Lourdes Institute of Holistic Studies in Collingswood, New Jersey for over fifteen years.

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