Natura Lavender Pillow

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Cover: The Lavender pillow features an aromatic-infused cover and removable lavender-filled sachet to ease tension and encourage sleep.
Lining: The Natura Wool™ lining creates an insulating layer that helps to regulate temperature next to the skin throughout the night, allowing you to achieve longer periods of deep sleep. Natura Wool™ also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels common allergens and bacteria that thrive in moist surroundings.
Core: The dual-sided latex core combines the cuddly softness of granulated latex with the resilient, contouring support of a solid latex core.  Resilient latex provides a springy, molding support that won’t pack down for perfect pressure relief night after night.  Naturally breathable, the latex maximums air circulation, eliminating excess humidity and repelling the presence of bacteria and common allergens.
  • Removable Lavender enriched cotton blend cover
  • 10 oz / yd2 of Natura wool lining
  • Dual-sided core: granulated latex / solid latex
  • Removable (& replaceable) real lavender flower sachet
  • Natura Wool™ lining wicks away moisture for a clean, allergen-free sleep
  • Regulates temperature next to skin for healthy, comfortable sleep
  • Provides proper head and neck support to help muscles relax
  • Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Spot clean only. Do not machine wash or dry.
  • To eliminate odors and/or stains: Gently spot clean using a mild detergent. Expose to direct sunlight. Air dry, allowing to dry completely.
  • To freshen your wool-filled product: Expose to sunlight and air. Sunshine brings out the natural lanolin in wool, allowing it to self-deodorize. As an alternative, your wool-filled product may be placed in dryer with a few clean, new tennis balls. Place dryer on AIR cycle for 10 minutes. DO NOT use heat.
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