Seated Therapeutic Massage Vol 1-3 DVD

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Manufacturer: Ralph Stevens
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3-Video Series The original and still the best therapeutic use of the massage chair! Grow your practice. Help more people. Complete training for chair massage. Provides the information you need to set yourself apart from the average relaxation chair massage therapist. Each tape has an anatomy discussion of the muscles to be treated. The muscles are drawn on a live athlete (AnatomyArt© by Debra Brooks) or shown on life sized anatomical models. The trigger points are shown and the common complaints caused by each muscle are discussed. Includes a complete step by step demonstration of the massage techniques to treat each muscle. PNF and Active Isolated Stretching© are also taught. Therapist bodymechanics and therapist-patient communication are stressed. Promotional strategies to help you build your practice are given. Each tape may be purchased individually, but you save money if you buy all three as a set! These videos will also help improve your table massage.

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