Why SwingChair?

The SwingChair is a revolutionary ergonomic office chair that helps relieve back and other pains associated with being bound to a chair for long hours with a limited range of motion. It prevents back pain and injuries. It allows you to sit for hours and work in comfort.

Your Body Craves Motion

Sitting in a static position can cause back muscles to become tense and sore. The human body was designed for movement. Even subtle movement provides benefits to your back. The ergonomic SwingChair's unique, patented design facilitates movement.

The Innovation is Dynamic Counterbalancing

The seat and the backrest swing from a pivot point that matches your body's center of gravity and its center of motion. SwingChairs adjust to individual size and body contours to automatically counterbalance every movement.
Value Priced

The SwingChair is economically priced and compares favorably to chairs that can cost up to $2,000. SwingChair comes with a thirty day (30) money back guarantee. It is warranted for up to three (3) years for the fabric and five (5) years for all other parts. Customer service is always available with your purchase.
Ergonomic Posture Chair
MSRP: $149.00
Price: $119.00
You Save: $30.00 (20 %)
Ergonomic Posture Chair
Ergonomically correct kneeling, forward sitting chair with castors. 3 colors, 3 seat height adjustments and folds for storage. Free Shipping in 48 states!
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