Thai Massage: Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals Level 2

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Join Thai Bodywork founder Chuck Duff as he takes you on a two and a half-hour journey through therapeutic Thai massage treatments. One of four titles in the Thai Bodywork DVD Series, this 2-DVD program integrates aspects of Northern, Southern, Royal and Jap Sen (nerve touch) styles, with extensive anatomical and energetic background, and brings Chuck’s expert therapeutic insights to life.
What You’ll Learn >

- Comprehensive 2.5 hour Thai massage DVD program that integrates aspects of Northern,
Southern, Royal and Jap Sen (nerve touch) styles, with extensive anatomical and
energetic background.
- Each technique is explained carefully, and supported with close-ups and animations
showing the energy lines and points used.
- Emphasis on body mechanics, using core energy and sensitivity to the body's language,
and places each technique in context as to its relationship to Sen lines, effects on
specific muscles and pain conditions.
- Practical benefits of Chuck’s therapeutic focus, guiding you on how to work with specific
issues of pain or dysfunction.
- Learn the fundamentals of Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB), an outgrowth of Duff’s own
very successful practice and research. CTB combines the techniques of Traditional Thai
yoga with the insights of myofascial trigger point therapy, osteopathic principles and
acupoints, and is a highly effective treatment for pain and dysfunction.
- Learn how to integrate Thai massage techniques into your practice to avoid the pitfalls
Western style therapists often experience due to an over-reliance on strength. Thai
massage can save your hands and give new life to your career, particularly as Chuck
teaches it. 
- View sequences that can be performed intact, or learn specific segments can be integrated
into your existing practice. Chapters arranged for easy reference and review.

Thai Massage Benefits >

Increasing numbers of people are requesting and enjoying the benefits of Thai massage and bodywork, which blends compression and stretch in ingenious ways.  Both you and your clients will benefit from Thai massage techniques you’ll learn in Chuck Duff’s Thai Bodywork DVD series. These techniques are a unique blend of Chuck’s work as a bodywork professional enhanced by his knowledge and experience of martial arts, yoga and Buddhism. The benefits of Thai Massage can be profound and encompass the following:

- relief of pain due to arthritis, repetitive stress, overworked muscles
- enhances your practice of yoga, pilates, and other physical modalities
- balances the body's energy pathways
- better resistance to injury
- improved range of motion
- release of lactic acid and other toxins from areas of accumulation
- toning of internal organs
- increased energy and peaceful alertness
- emotional calming and deep relaxation.

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