Portable Aromatherapy Fan Diffuser

Price: $29.95
The Aromatherapy Fan Driven Compact Diffuser - runs on batteries, so you can transport anywhere, and comes with a standard electric plug

• Quiet, Powerful Mini Fan

• Purifies the air

• Effective over 1000 sq. ft.

• Neutralizes unpleasant odors

• Promotes physical & emotional health

• Convenient & portable

• Each diffuser comes with five pads

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy is thru essential oil inhalation. Our compact fan diffuser – portable enough to use as a travel companion -can effectively scent your environment (up to 1,000 square feet) as the fan gently blows air past the absorbent pads. Each diffuser comes with 5 pads, with additional pads available for purchase.

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