About Us
GotYourBack provides a complete range of portable, stationary and electric massage tables, massage accessories and massage supplies and services through the web, over the telephone and in our retail outlet to support and enhance the practices of hands-on professionals everywhere. We’ve got your back!

Our Difference

We’re committed to your success

Our commitment stems from our great respect for the work you do; we are dedicated to supporting you in your businesses. We strive to offer the highest quality massage tables and massage supplies.

We’re knowledgeable.

GotYourBack has served hands-on professionals for over 20 years. Several of our long-time staff members have practiced and taught classes in the field; we have several part-time employees who are currently practicing massage.

We insist on quality.

We read about, review and test all of the products that come through our shop and only the best make it into our line. We stay informed about the latest and greatest product offerings in the field. Nirvana, Solace, Oakworks, Biotone, Sacred Earth Botanicals are just some of the fine names that make up our product line.

GotYourBack is currently working on and designing other related products to enhance the experience of clients and offer simple, ergonomic solutions for the massage therapist. Our staff has been the design team behind the transformation of the traditional flat massage table to a treatment table offering superior ergonomics and client comfort which benefits the client and the therapist. We believe that relaxation can begin the moment the client lies down on your table and proper positioning can enhance your treatment outcomes.