Our Green Policy

GotYourBack has been green from the moment we built our first massage table for our first customer...

Why we are GREEN

Emphasizing Quality

It’s very simple; we are very fussy about quality at GotYourBack. If your product does not need to be replaced every year or end up in a landfill, that’s a good thing.


Yes, we do. We have also teamed up with other local businesses to share our excess packaging and make sure nothing goes to waste. We recycle almost all of our packing and a portion of our boxes. If you have any concerns or local waste laws that limit what you discard, don’t hesitate to call our shipping department and let them know, they are happy to work with your situation.

Local Sourcing

It wasn’t popular, but we did not jump on the outsourcing bandwagon. We always consider quality, local suppliers first. Sourcing locally cuts down on transportation costs and emissions. It helps us control quality and supports local resources and labor.

Natural, Organic, Sustainable Materials

We are adding more green and organic products to our line. We are happy to be working with manufacturers like Oakworks, Earthlite and Astralite who are using Green business practices as well.