The gotyourback staff has a combined 40 years of experience in massage therapy and massage equipment. We have put together this table buying guide to give you all of the information you need to know before purchasing a massage table. There are  4 categories of portable massage tables:
Low Cost
High End

Features of Low Cost Portable Massage Tables
Price Range: $199 - $349
Frame: Wood
Weight Range: 25 - 35 lbs
Width: 28, 29 or 30 inches wide
Foam: 2 - 3 inches
Working Weight:
Guarantee: 5 years to Lifetime
Additional Features may include: reiki end panels, double wheel knobs, shiatus release cables, round corners

Features of Professional Portable Massage Tables
Price Range: $369 - $599
Frame: Wood
Weight Range: 28 - 39 lbs
Width: 28, 29, 30. 31. 32. 33
Foam: 2 - 3 inches
Guarantee: Lifetime
Additional Features: reinforced plywood ribs, reiki end panels, round corners, shiatsu cable release, specialized foam

Features of Light Weight Portable Massage Tables
Price Range: $329 - $699
Frame: Aluminum lets, wooden frame or aluminum legs and aluminum frame
Weight Range: 21 - 29 lbs
Width: 28, 29, 30. 31
Foam: 2 - 2 1/2 inches
Guarantee: 5 years to Lifetime
Additional Features: reiki end panels, round corners

Features of  Portable Spa Massage Tables
Price Range: $439 - $599
Frame: Wood or aluminum with Tilt Back Feature for Facial Treatments
Weight Range: 35 - 45 lbs
Width: 28, 29, 30
Foam: 2 - 2 1/2 inches
Guarantee: 5 years to Lifetime

The two main considerations that drive buyers are price and table weight. Once you determine your budget (are you a consumer, starving student or professional searching for all the bells and whistles) you can then consider table weight (are you going to work out of one location or are you going to be taking your tables on the subways of New York)

Choosing the right width for your Massage Table
There are a things to consider when choosing the width of your massage table
1) Your height - many therapists buy tables that are actually too wide for them. The wider the table is the harder you will work as a a massage therapist. The most common widths are 29 and 30 inches. GotYourBack recommends that Massage Therapists stay within the standard width. If you are under 5 feet you may consider going with a narrower massage table.
2) Massage Modality - certain modalities may require a wider table. Your instructor should be able to give you some guidance here. For instance if you are a Shiatsu Practitioner you may want to go with a wider table like a 32 width if you are planning on getting up on the table with your client.

Choosing the right foam for your Massage Table
Some styles of bodywork require less foam, more foam or firmer foam. But we feel foam is really up to the individual massage therapists. Most wooden portable massage tables will have 2 - 3 inches of padding which is sufficient for most styles of massage. Foam can be heavy so most lightweight massage tables will have 2 - 2 1/2 inches of foam. Some Massage Table companies have specialty foams which are usually optional and more expensive.

Anatomy of a Massage Table
       PART                           ACTION                                                     DESCRIPTION

Table Top

provides working surface

baltic birch laminated plywood average table 4mm

Table Frame

provides structure for working surface

solid poplar, finger-locked corners or butted joints

Leg Braces

stabilize leg in open position

select maple, oak or aluminum alloy (astralite elite only)


provides vertical support

solid select maple, red oak or aluminum alloy


holds legs and tightens table as weight is applied to table top

7 x 7 stranded aircraft cable

Center Hinge

holds two table halves together allowing for folding for transport

piano hinge, intregra hinge™ (Oakworks)


provides lateral stability

laminated baltic birch or red oak

Corner Blocks

reinforce table frame, provide anchor and support for legs and leg braces

varied depending on manufacturer: maple, aluminum, plastic (Oakworks)

Reinforcing Ribs

reinforce table top and minimize table flex

poplar, 1 x 1  (Spirit 2, Nova LS, Premier)


protect table in folded position and legs in upright position

Rubber or plastic


allows for easier carrying

vinyl or plastic (Golden Ratio)

Wheel Knobs

allow for height adjustment

wooden tables: wood, rubber, plastic or a combination / aluminum tables: push button telescoping


provides cushion and comfort to table top

Polyurethane foam: high density

no C.F.C.’s


covers table top and allows for easy cleaning

fine vinyl with PreFixx® Protective Finish for stain and abrasion resistance


attaches legs, braces, etc. to table frame

hardened steel

A final word:  The sum is greater than the parts. Using high quality parts is essential to constructing a quality massage table. Combining these parts in a balanced way is just as important and ensures the proper distribution of weight throughout the table. This balance is achieved by thorough testing of the tables both in the lab and in the field. Our line of tables represents the culmination of innovative design, quality components and the test of time.