Mu-Xing Self Care Kit

Price: $59.00
Mu-Xing Self Care is a self-treatment using Mu-Xing Tools made from natural rosewood, bamboo and other hardwoods. Mu-Xing Self Care promotes overall wellbeing and brings balance to our body, mind and spirit.

The Mu-Xing Self Care Kit contains tools to give yourself an invigorating full body self-massage.

Kit Includes:
1 Tapotement Stick for tapping along energy meridians or to wake up tired muscles
1 Large Moon for treating legs, feet and neck
1 Star Bar to treat acupressure points or "knots" in your muscles
1 Bursting Star for invigorating the hands and feet
1 Cube for finer acupressure points on the hands and feet
1 small Sphere and 1 medium Sphere for treating forearms, calves, hands and feet

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