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The Nirvana 2n1 Massage table with state of the art contoured table top is the choice for serious therapists who want to offer their clients the best in comfort and support. The patented Breast Recess and Neck Contour features provide your clients with unparalleled comfort during face down massage. The Breast Recess and Neck Contour work together to alleviate pressure on the breast and allow the spine to relax into a more neutral position. Massage Therapists will find their work easier because the musculature of the back is more relaxed making palpation, pressure and stretching easier. The pillow insert can easily be replaced for male clients or supine (face up) massage. You may also leave the pillow insert out during face up massage for greater access to the neck and shoulder region. 

The Nirvana is built with hardwood, deluxe PVC-free EverSoft fabric and multi-layer, CFC-free foam. Other features include a stabilizer bar, patented cradle lock cable system and double wheel knobs for added stability. The Nirvana 2n1 has a working weight capacity of 450 pounds. 

The Nirvana 2n1 Package includes an adjustable face cradle with double layer memory foam pillow pad, arm sling and carry case with front pocket. 

NEW!  We've upgraded the foam to a 3 layer foam system with 1 firm layer and 2 softer layers to provide better comfort and contouring for optimal positioning. See in images above.

NEW!  Improved Patented Neck Contour Feature for ultimate comfort only available on the Nirvana 2n1 Table! Similar tables on the market do not offer this feature.  See in images above

NEW!  Improved Face Cushion made from soft, molded foam expertly contoured to allow maximum comfort and includes slotted foam for improved air flow and comfort.

Standard Features 

  • Full Length Hinge
  • 3 inch multi-layer padding system; CFC free
  • Deluxe PVC free EverSoft fabric available in Burgundy, Agate Blue and Black
  • Stabilizer Bar for added strength and ease of set up and take down
  • 2750 lb static weight capacity
  • 550 lb capacity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

 Special Features

  • Patented Breast Recess Feature provides superior comfort for women
  • Patented Neck Contour for added comfort in prone position
  • Dual Adjustable Face Cradle with double layer memory foam pillow pad -  New LIFETIME WARRANTY on face cradle
  • Rounded Corners
  • Reiki End Plates
  • Shiatsu Release
  • Double Wheel Knobs


  • Width: 30 or 32
  • Length: 72
  • Height Range: 24" - 34"
  • Weight: 33 - 36 lbs.

 Protected by US Patent # 8,555,437 & #D656618

Click here to download our user guide for print:  Nirvana 2n1 User Guide


Here what therapists and teachers say about the Nirvana 2n1:
"The state of the art breast contour design on the Nirvana 2n1 allowed me to reach full and complete relaxation of my body . This innovative feature  rids any back strain and chest pain, that are common on regular tables . The most comfortable massage I have received to date has been on the Nirvana 2in1. Excellent quality product, I highly recommend!"
Sarah Connelly, Chicago, IL

"I absolutely recommend the use of the Nirvana 2n1 Massage Tables. The built in Breast Recess and Neck Contour make it the most unique table on the market. No more discomfort in prone position for 1st trimester pregnancy massage or post-partem massage. No need for costly, removable cushions. The Nirvana 2n1 is an all-in-one affordable package.
Olga M. Morris FNP, NCMTMB

Family Nurse Practitioner and Massage Therapist


Massage Instructor:


Peri-Natal Massage; Conscious Touch and Ethical Practices for the Childbearing Year


Cottonwood, Arizona

"No matter what modality I'm using, the Nirvana 2 in 1 allows me to work much more efficiently on my female and large male clients. The removable recess aligns the back beautifully and opens up greater access to the thoracic and cervical spine--plus my clients are more comfortable and can relax more deeply. This is a great product, and I highly recommend it!"

Patrick Lee Ingrassia, LMT
Founder, Nayada Institute of Massage
Inventor, BodySaver Massage & The BodySaver Massage Bench
"The Nirvana Massage Table's innovative design gives added comfort to your female clients. The more comfortable our clients are, the easier and more beneficial our work becomes."


Shari Auth, L.Ac., LMT
Founder of the Auth Method


"I bought my first massage table from Got Your Back almost 20 years ago and it served me exceedingly well, so much so that I was a bit reluctant to replace it with a new one. However, since I needed a slightly different design, I ordered the Nirvana 2. Let me tell you, I am thrilled with this table, as are my women clients. The removable cushion that allows room for women's breasts makes lying face-down so much more comfortable for them. In fact, one of my clients who is also a massage therapist loved the Nirvana 2 so much she bought one for herself the day after receiving a session from me!"

Francesca Genco
Massage Therapist and Musician

Here what clients have to say about the Nirvana 2n1:
"I have had many massages in my life. I recently was introduced to the Nirvana 2n1 massage table. I could not believe how much of a difference that this table made for me. I am not even large chested, but I fit into the table so much more comfortably than a traditional table. I was able to enjoy the massage more, because I felt so much more relaxed and my back was completely straight. I love how this table caters to women of all shapes and sizes and will make any body type comfortable. I am so happy that this table was invented and hopefully I will be seeing them around more!"

Amanda, Chicago, Il

"As an athlete and body builder I found the Nirvana 2n1 Recess and Neck Contour features were more comfortable for my upper body than just lying on a flat massage table. I was able to relax and breath more deeply."

Gary Battaglia, 6'5" 240 lbs
Captain of 2009 Dragon Boat Champions Philadelphia, PA


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Quality Table
Mark Williams (Mahwah, NJ) 2/22/2016 11:31 AM
A client of mine bought this table for his weekly massages with me. Its been several months now and I have been very happy with the table and would highly recommend it to any therapist looking for a quality table at a great price.
Sean Holland (Atlanta, Ga) 7/20/2015 10:30 AM
I bought this table when it first came out and have used it for serveral years. It is great. The ladies love the comfort breast system. I bought this table because I wanted Professional equipment. That is what I got. It added to my professional look and feel. This table helps with repeat business. Worth the buy.
Awesome Table
jovanni frechel (Miami, FL) 9/15/2014 8:01 PM
Im currently a student and this table has been awesome everyone who has tried this table large and small breasts woman feel soo comfortable and even some larger or hefty men enjoy this table as well... very sturdy table solid! for the price this is a well rounded table that is like no other for this price.