Nirvana Body Wedge Positioning Bolsters

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Total relaxation begins with proper positioning. If the skeleton is supported correctly relaxation can begin before you start your massage. When the client is supported properly the relaxation response will begin almost immediately. The Nirvana Body Wedges can be used to support and position many areas of the body:

They can be used under the hips to help reduce strain in the lower back allowing your clients more comfort during face down massage by correcting anterior or posterior tilts. Adjust the wedges closer toward the body to raise the hips further or away to lower the hips.
Place the wedges on either side of the leg in a cradling position to encourage opening in the pelvis.
Use the wedges under the shoulder in the face down position to support the shoulder and relieve neck and upper back tension.
Use the wedges under the feet for gentle support during face down massage.    

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