The Nirvana Mate 2 - New and Improved

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The Nirvana Mate 2 is an ergonomic cushioning system that every therapist should have. The Breast Recess Feature provides comfort to women by taking pressure off of the breasts in prone position. In addition, the recess feature allows the spine to stay in better alignment which helps the client relax more fully. Massage Therapists will find their work easier because the musculature of the mid and lower back is more relaxed making palpation, pressure, and stretching easier.  The Nirvana Mate folds easily in half for easy transportation and its only 3.5 lbs.
The Nirvana Mate works on any standard portable table 28 - 35 width. 
Available in Black, Agate Blue, Burgundy, Purple, Teal and Beige 

Width: 27”  

Length: 36.5”  

Thickness: 2.5”  

Weight: 3.5 lbs  



Patented Breast Cut Out     

Patented Neck Recess Contour  

Comfortable 2.5” Padding System (CFC Free)

EverSoft Fabric (PVC Free)

Protected by US Patent # 8,555,437 & #D656618

Read what our customers are saying about the Nirvana Mate

"I simply love the Nirvana Mate!!!  Forget about the obvious reason which is female clients are much more comfortable while lying prone, it allows for correct posture when a client, male or female, is prone or supine, not only at the shoulders but also at the pelvic region.  And on a more personal note, I love the ease of working on the upper traps and cervical region without pushing into the table.  My work is more effective because of the Nirvana Mate."

Karin Hampton, LMT

"I love your product. I have been using it on both my male and female clients. The women LOVE it!! I leave the breast recess open to get the the upper trapezius and rhomboids when my clients are supine! Men like it too!Thanks so much!"
Celia Pardue,
HeartCentered Wellness  King of Prussia PA


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Clients love it!
Kevin Campbell (Philadelphia, PA) 8/13/2014 9:29 AM
Over the summer I've used the Nirvana Mate2 on about 80 clients, & they love the extra support that it provides their chest! An added benifit was the women w/ l/b pain got a nice stretch just from laying on it!! Great benifit to my practice!!!