Posture Prep Cross Fiber Massage Tool

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The Posture Prep Cross Fiber Massage Tool is a unique massage tool develolped by chiropractor Pat Bona of Blue Bell, PA

The design of the Posture Prep™ makes it easy to use and get results. Excellent for chair massage or table work. The Posture Prep works best when used through a thin layer of clothes, on your scalp to massage tension away, or put it on the floor to massage your feet and toes. Place it between your back and the car seat to have the movement of the car massage the muscles of your back, your hip or shoulder areas. The more you use it on yourself and others, the more you will feel and see the benefits of improved alignment and posture.


  • Massage Acupressure Points
  • Increases Circulation
  • Relaxes the muscles

How to use:

Think of the Posture Prep™ as an extension of your hands.
Place the tool on the muscle you wish to work on, apply gentle pressure and move the tissue until you feel “the barrier” – the first place of resistance.  You want the skin to move with the tool so the deeper tissues will benefit as you loosen the skin over them.  When finished with one area, which doesn’t take long, move the groomer to a new muscle mass and repeat.

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The Posture Prep Cross Fiber Tool was developed by Pat Bona, DC.
Dr. Pat Bona is something of a renaissance lady. She is partner in the Broad Axe Chiropractic Center since 1987. Her passion and love for horses from a youth in 4-H influenced her in the direction of chiropractic. Ultimately it was her passion for biomechanics and love of her horse Buckaroo that led her to become certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1994. She is currently embarking on a 3 year study working towards a diplomate or fellowship in functional neurology.

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