Reflexology 2 Hands and Ears DVD

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Tired of tension or stress related headaches? Need some help with sleep problems, jaw tension or lower back pain? Reflexology combines art and science to help the body by applying pressure to specific points that can positively influence corresponding parts of the body. Consumers and healthcare practitioners alike are embracing reflexology as a valuable healing process and tried and true method of relaxation and stress-relief. This video shows you how to access energy flow within the body through "pressure sensors" on the hands and ears to aid health and stress-relief, prevent disease, reduce pain and improve the quality of life.

This video provides demonstrations of effective articulation techniques to help you become more knowledgeable and confident. Experienced reflexologist Rhonda Funes provides a skillful voice narration and personally demonstrates basic and advanced reflexology techniques that anyone can use. Her mission is simple – to help you achieve maximum results from correct and easily applied reflexology techniques. A useful Q and A informs and instructs you about using reflexology to:

• alleviate headaches
• cope with sleep problems
• reduce lower back pain
• release jaw tension and
• relieve stress

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