Shelf Life for Massage Oils, Cremes, Lotions and Gels by Manufacturer
Note: for best results it is recommended that you store all massage products in a cool, dry environment and void of direct light

Biotone Massage Products
Cremes and Lotions                                                   18 months
Oils and Gels                                                             12 months
Essential Oils                                                             24 months

Biofreeze                                                                   24 months
Prossage                                                                     Indefinite

Bon Vital Massage Products
Cremes, butters, lotions, balms, gels, and polish      24 months
Oils                                                                                18 months

Sacred Earth Botanicals
All sacred earth products are guaranteed to be fresh for 12 months

Grapeseed, Apricot Kernal, Almond and Blends     12 months
Jojoba Oil                                                                  24 months
PureLite Oil                                                                 5 years
Solace Creme                                                            12 months

Soothing Touch
Massage Lotions and Cremes                                  24 months
Oils and Scrubs                                                         18 months